About Me

When I was five years old, a neighborhood cat bit me. While I was crying and wailing and questioning everything I knew about life, like how cats were supposed to love me as much and as aggressively as I loved them (all, collectively), my mom cleverly stuck me in front of the computer. As she tore through the phone book trying to find a doctor who’d take me on a Sunday, a hush fell throughout the house – I had stopped crying. Why? Because of this:

Wingdings. The best thing about our old IBM computer (aside from Kid Pix, obviously), and coincidentally, the spark that ignited my passion for design. I was so fascinated and so focused on making patterns and writing “stories” with Wingdings that nothing else mattered – not even the fresh wound I had that day, which ended up needing half a dozen stitches.

To this day, beginning a project gives me a thrill unlike any other. I’m passionate about finding effective solutions for my clients’ objectives and I aim to produce websites and print materials more engaging, more usable, and more manageable than my clients can imagine. (I’d venture to say my toolkit has expanded just a bit, too.)

Whatever, show me what you can do.


What I Do

User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Web Development, Web Maintenance, Branding and Identity, Custom WordPress Themes, Print Design, Social Media, Design Consultation, Responsive Design, Search Engine Optimization



University of California, Davis
Design (Visual Communication emphasis), Bachelor of Art
Dramatic Art (Dance emphasis), Bachelor of Art